The money you pay is broken down into two different categories:

Rent means the money you pay CCHA for the use of your flat or your house.

Service Charge means the money you pay us for services to your particular home or estate and are not the same for every property.

Ways to pay:

You are responsible for making sure you can pay your rent and service charges by their due date, as per your tenancy agreement.

Direct Debit – We can set up a Direct Debit for you over the phone on: 0800 054 6710 or, at your request, we will send you a direct debit form for you to fill out and return to us.

Debit card – We can take rent payments over the phone and send you a receipt in the post or via e-mail.

Internet/AllPay – If you have a rent card, you can log onto


Speak to us over the phone:

If you would like to discuss, pay your rent or order a rent card over the phone, please call: 0800 054 6710




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