Frequently Asked Questions


Help with Window Related Issues

My window is broken by someone I do not know – what do I do?

Firstly, you will need to report the crime to the police, who will give you a crime reference number. You then need to contact us and we will arrange for the work to be completed.

For help with this matter, please contact Romy Lyons-George, our Senior Property Services Officer, on: 020 8633 8783 or email:

Alternatively, you can contact Customer Services on: 0800 054 6710.

If someone living in my house accidentally broke a window – what do I do?

We will not be accountable for any repairs, issues or damages caused by the occupants/visitors within the household. It is the resident’s responsibility to get these fixed.

For more information about repairs, please download the Repairs and Planned Maintenance Services booklet by clicking here.


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