Frequently Asked Questions


How Do I Get A Home?

We do not operate an open waiting list. Instead, we have an agreement with the Croydon and Sutton local authorities that a percentage of all empty properties are used to house applicants on their waiting lists. The remaining properties are distributed within our allocations systems to re-house residents within our stock.

I am homeless or about to become homeless – can I go onto your housing register?

As we do not operate an open waiting list, you need to be on Croydon or Sutton Council’s housing register. If you are not already on Croydon or Sutton’s Council’s housing register, please contact them to find out if you are eligible to go on their waiting list. You can also request information on local housing associations that may have their own waiting lists.

Please see below for useful contact information.
Croydon Council
020 8726 6100

Croydon Council housing self-help tool.

Sutton Council
020 8770 5000

Sutton Council online housing options.

To be placed in our supported scheme in Bromley, you will need to contact Karen Freeman, our Intensive Housing Services Operations Manager, on: 020 8633 8733

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