Frequently Asked Questions


Coronavirus (Covid-19) related support and information

Dear CCHA resident, you will be aware that the Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak is having an impact across the world, resulting in CCHA working in a different way.

Our residents’ safety and well being is our number one priority and we hope you find this FAQ helpful.

If you would like us to add additional information, please contact us through phone on: 0800 054 6710 or through email at:

Stay alert, control the virus, save lives

For the most up to date information on guidelines, please visit the NHS website on a regular basis for the latest safety information

If yes, please let us know as soon as possible so we can adjust our services to help protect you, our staff and our contractors.  Please contact us at:

CCHA Services

Our Repairs and Maintenance contractors, Axis, Smith and Byford and Compliance contractors are committed to delivering essential repairs as well as health and safety servicing.

Axis are also now working through a backlog of repairs raised over the past few months and continue to carry out communal and external repairs in addition to essential repairs.

You can report an essential repair with Axis by calling 0800 056 7068 or by email:

For any gas, hot water or heating related repairs, please contact Smith & Byford on: 0800 169 7703 or 0208 652 7016

Gas servicing

The Government and the HSE have recognised that there is still a requirement for us to continue to ensure that our residents homes remain gas safe. We will therefore be continuing with the annual servicing of gas appliances and we ask for your co-operation in doing so.

Our gas contractor Smith & Byford have provided all engineers with PPE and they have been given guidance on how to undertake gas services in a safe way for both you the resident and themselves.

If your gas service is due for renewal and you have concerns please contact either Smith & Byford or CCHA who will be happy to assist you.

Please notify the repairs service if you are isolating when you call to book your repair.

What if my repair is not essential? You can still book all repairs as usual. Non-essential repairs will be carried out when full services resume.

All welfare checks to residents are still be carried out through phone calls.

Staff have resumed weekly fire alarm and building checks in most of our Supported and Older Persons schemes. Staff will be wearing appropriate PPE and are asking residents to continue to observe social distancing.

We are aware that there are a number of repairs and maintenance jobs outstanding, so please bear with us whilst we catch up.

Please continue to report any issues you have by calling or emailing staff rather than approaching them in person, as much as possible.

We have now resumed estate inspections and Tenancy Management Officers will be visiting estates wearing appropriate PPE.

We appreciate there may be a backlog of issues that need to be dealt with, so please bear with us whilst we catch up. Although Residents usually have a schedule stating when Tenancy Management Officers are due to attend,  currently, we are unable to be specific as it is important for staff to have some flexibility. This allows them to respond to urgent matters as they arise.

Please continue to report any issues you have by phone and/or e-mail rather than approaching staff in person, where possible.

Building compliance checks at our Supported Housing accommodation will still be carried out. Staff will follow the guidelines and precautions set out by the Government and NHS.

Although we have revised our working practices, we are continuing to work with our local authority partners to let accommodation to new residents, ensuring they have a safe and appropriate place to call home.  This means our contractors will be carrying out works in our empty homes but will be taking appropriate measures to keep people safe.

Our offices are closed until further notice in an effort to slow the spread of Coronavirus. In the meantime, you can contact on the phone at: 0800 054 6710 or through email at

Please scan in and email letters to us, or alternatively, you can take a photo of the document on your mobile phone and send it through to us at:  

Staff are no longer visiting our head office daily, so please communicate with us through email as much as you can.

We will continue our cleaning and gardening services at Older Persons, General Needs and Supported housing, however, in line with Government guidelines, some changes have been made to how we carry them out including reducing our teams to only two operatives per vehicle.  The government has advised that it is important that some services such as cleaning and maintenance continue.

The World Health Organisation states that a mask should only be used when caring for a person with the suspected Coronavirus (Covid-19) infection or if carrying the infection.

Paying your rent and financial support

We understand that this is a very worrying and upsetting time right now. We have put some information together to help you claim the benefits you may be entitled to throughout this current crisis.

Please click here for step by step guidance on making a new claim.

Please call to make a new claim for Universal Credit on 0800 328 5644. For more information on benefits and Coronavirus please click here

  • Check comparison websites such as Uswitch for the best energy deals
  • By turning the thermostat down by 1C, you can save £75 to £80 a year.
  • Wear jumpers, socks and slippers around the house and put an extra blanket on the bed so you won’t be tempted to turn the heating up.
  • Don’t leave anything plugged in, or on, that is not being used. Some appliances such as fridges need to be kept on all the time, but many others are left on that do not need to be.
  • When making cups of tea, fill the kettle only with the water you need. The kettle uses roughly 6% of all the electricity supplied to British homes. By filling the kettle correctly, the typical UK household could shave £19 off their annual bill.

Bereavement within the family home

At this current time of uncertainty, understandably you may need to understand what would happen to a family member’s tenancy should anything happen to them.
Here’s what you need to know if you think someone may be eligible to take over the tenancy.

Q. What is a succession? Succession is what happens when another person is eligible to take over an existing tenancy when a tenant has died. The person who takes over a tenancy in this way is called a successor. A person only has the right to succeed if certain criteria are met.

Q. Do succession rights vary? In our tenancy agreements we have set out the succession rights the law says should apply and the additional succession rights that we have agreed. Succession rights vary depending on whether the tenant had a secure, assured, or a starter tenancy.

Q. Can succession happen more than once? A succession can only happen once. This means if the deceased person was already a successor (including a previous joint tenant), there cannot be a succession by another family member. Where a succession has already taken place and a further request is received, we will provide you with more information about how we will deal with the tenancy.

Q. What happens if it’s a joint tenancy? If the deceased was a joint tenant, the only person who may be able to succeed to the tenancy would be the remaining joint tenant. The remaining joint tenant must be living in the property as their only or principal home.

Q. What happens if it’s a sole tenancy? If the tenant who died was a sole tenant, if they were married or in a relationship, their spouse or partner may be able to take over the tenancy as long as there was no previous succession and they were living at the property as their only or principal home at the time of the tenant’s death.

Q. What happens if a sole tenant did not have a spouse or partner? It may be possible for another family member to take over the tenancy. They would need to be able to demonstrate they have been living at the property for at least 12 months before the tenant’s death. This won’t be possible if it was a starter tenancy.

Q. Which family members may be eligible to succeed? We will only consider requests for succession from the following family members.
• Parent, child or stepchild. • Brother or sister. • Niece or nephew. • Grandparent or grandchild. • Aunt or uncle.

Q. If I succeed to the tenancy, can I stay in the property permanently? When a person is eligible to succeed to a tenancy, we will always review whether the type and size of accommodation is suitable to the needs of the successor. If the property was designed or adapted for a person with needs and the successor doesn’t require this type of accommodation, we will ask them to move to something more suitable.

Q. What happens to someone who lives at the property and can’t succeed? If someone lives in one of our properties with a tenant who has died and they are not eligible to succeed, they can ask us about having their own tenancy. We may be able to use our discretion to give a person, in this situation, a new tenancy. Our decision will be based on an assessment of their housing need. If we are not able to help, we will provide them with our reasons and give advice about moving out and finding somewhere else to live.

Victim support information

Victim Support information – Coronavirus and fraudsters

Click here for tips on how to keep you and those you care for safe and free from fraud and scams

Click here for more individual information on staying safe and free from fraud and scams

Common covid-19 scams

Are you suffering domestic abuse? Contact the National Domestic Abuse Helpline on: 0808 2000 247 or visit their website here

To find out what to do if you need urgent police help but unable to speak, please click here

Community support in Croydon, Sutton and Bromley

Community Groups:
Find local community groups offering help and assistance by clicking here

Government assistance for those with medical conditions:
If you have a medical condition which makes you extremely vulnerable to coronavirus (COVID-19), register with the government here 

You may have received a letter from the NHS telling you that you’re clinically extremely vulnerable or been contacted by your GP or hospital clinician. If this has not happened, contact your GP or clinician after you register with this service.

It may take time for any support offered through this service to arrive. Wherever possible you should continue to rely on friends, family and wider support to help you meet your needs. You can register yourself, or on behalf of someone else.

Food deliveries:

Click here and enter your postcode to find local food suppliers

Click here for fresh fruit and vegetable deliveries various companies

Helpline:  020 8604 7787
E-mail –

Food deliveries:
Addiscombe Fruit and Veg – 07860860472 and 07921658147

Age UK:

Age UK are providing a hub for food and essentials. Click here to find out more.

If you are in need of help, and are not sure who to talk to, there are three ways to get in touch.
1. If you or someone you know needs this support, please fill in our request support form and we will contact you. You can complete the form at any time.
2. If you need support from a charity in Sutton, email Community Action Sutton at, they’ll forward you the right charity.
3. Call us at 020 8770 5000, option 6. If you are an extremely vulnerable person, please call us in the first instance so we can provide immediate support. 

Shopping and Food
If you are an older person, Age UK Sutton can provide support. Get in touch via

Socialising and community
If you want to talk online to other Sutton residents
Sutton Coronavirus Support and Action Group is a Facebook group you can join with 3,000 local residents.

Help with social anxiety and need telephone befriending
Sutton Befrienders can offer support. Get in touch via

Click here for an online request assistance form or Telephone on:  0208 313 4484

Age UK
In an emergency Age UK Bromley & Greenwich may be able to help with a one off emergency shop – you will be asked if you have any other support and what food you have in the house as we have very limited capacity for this service.  Contact us on 020 8315 1850.

Food delivery companies –  Click here for companies who are delivery food throughout the Borough

Fare Share – Food parcels and shopping service
You can download a form with options here to build your shopping list or request a food parcel.  When you call they will complete the list, take payment and deliver the list with your items. Please note that due to high demand they may find that not all items are available, but they will do our best! All drivers are DBS checked and vetted by Care Outlook.

If you would like to place an order please contact 020 8695 9008 where their dedicated team would be delighted to assist you.

Additional resources, information and support

Housing advice, benefits & legal support

Citizens Advice Bureau – 03444 111 444

Housing & homelessness

Crisis – 020 7426 5685

 Shelter – 0800 800 4444

Financial advice

Money Advice Service – 0800 138 7777

 National Debtline – 0808 808 4000

Domestic abuse & violence

National Domestic Abuse Helpline – 0808 2000 247

 Men’s Advice Line – 0808 8010 327

 GALOP (LGBT+ Domestic Abuse Helpline) – 08009995428

Disability & impairment

Disability Living Foundation Charity – 0300 999 0004

 Disability Rights UK – independent living and carers – 0330 995 0404

Refugee, asylum & immigration support

Migrant Help – 0808 8010 503

 British Red Cross – 0344 871 11 11

Mental health support

Samaritans – 116 123

 Mind – 0300 123 3393

 SANE – 020 3805 1790

Support for children

NSPCC – 0808 800 5000

Animal welfare

RSPCA – 0300 123 4999

Food support

Trussell Trust – 01722 580 180

 Fareshare – 0131 608 0967

General advice

  • General health advice for individuals, available from the NHS website.
  • Click here for Stay at home guidance, for people with confirmed or possible COVID-19
  • For information and updates from Croydon council, click here
  • For information and updates from Bromley council, click here
  • For information and updates from Sutton council, click here
  • For the latest CCHA specific news, please click here

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