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Have you heard about shared ownership schemes? Maybe you have but you’re not too sure how it works? We've listed a few key points to help you understand it be... Read more
No matter who you are (unless you're Bill gates...), you could probably do with saving a little more each month, right? We've created 3 easy and extremely handy... Read more
94% of people in the UK now own a mobile phone, making the demand for both mobile phones and data contracts extremely high. Because of this, prices have been ri... Read more
I’m sure many of you noticed the weather has been particularly cold over the last few weeks, and we’ve even had some spells of snow! Because of this, we’v... Read more
Plan your shopping list. Something nearly all of us are guilty of is buying things we don’t need when we go to the supermarket (especially when we’re hun... Read more
Repairs and Maintenance services – Mears Ltd December 2017   Following amicable discussions between CCHA and Mears Ltd, a joint agreement has conclu... Read more
In the average UK household, we spend £61 per month on energy, totalling to around £734 per year. Why not check out our top three energy saving tips and save ... Read more
By now, you should have received your copy of the latest edition of cchatzone in the post. Here’s why you should give it a read! This edition focuses o... Read more
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