Our Performance

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Listed below are our five main commitments which will steer us in realising our business plan goals as specified in our ‘commitment 2020’ five year business plan.

commitment thumb-01Commitment 1: We will be valued as an influential and high quality landlord, a forward thinking employer and a trusted partner in our core communities

commitment thumb-02Commitment 2: We will prioritise enabling residents to keep their homes and promote mobility

commitment thumb-03Commitment 3: We will develop more homes and services for local communities

commitment thumb-04Commitment 4: We will maximise the quality and value of our homes

commitment thumb-05Commitment 5: We will deliver continuing efficiencies to achieve improved value for money.

Please click here to view our full business plan.

Each year we produce a summary of our annual priorities.

Business Plan Priorities – Year 1

Business Plan Priorities – Year 2

Business Plan Priorities – Year 3

Business Plan Priorities – Year 4

Business Plan Priorities – Year 5

Our Performance – how are we doing?

Keep up to date with our performance against our five main commitments listed above, which are presented in our Annual Report.


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